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Add Ons

Our website add ons are a way to improve your website package with extra services while keeping a great affordable price!

If you have an existing website and you need some features added, we can also help you! Website improvments can be made to almost any existing website. 

Flash Interactive Gallery - We create for you an interactive flash SWF gallery. This allows you to have several "albums" within your gallery. Showcase custom made items, photography or just pictures of you and your friends or even employees. Colors are fully customizable. The service is only $29.

HS Gallery - This is the type of gallery used here on our gallery page as well as several of our websites. This setup is $25.

Password Protection - Have files for your employees, sections just for family or any other reason. Hold a store meeting right from home! This feature is an amazing, powerful addition to your website. Safety at the tip of your fingers. $65

Site Search - This allows customers to search your website for exactly what they are looking for! It's easy and convenient! We recommend it for any site that is over 9 pages or has a lot of information. Cost is just $22.

Website Form - This is a form your visitors use to ask you a question, leave feedback or simply make comments. For an example see our order form. These can have up to 10 questions for only $12!

Updates - We offer an update service for our customers, as well as upadates on other websites! Our update package is $15 for 10 updates on wesite we created. $25 for 10 updates on sites created by others. This is because we often have updates from other designer's websites that have erroded or imcomplete files and coding.

Full sites

Full website packages include some of the add ons listed here. We can do any combination of features to create the perfect website for you. Please view our packages for full websites


  • Want to see some of our add ons in action? The gallery has a list, photos and kinks to some of our websites.

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